Site Process: Fundamentals of Implementation Science

Thanks for your interest in hosting the online course Fundamentals of Implementation Science at your location.

Our courses incorporate a 'site-based model.' A site is a group of participants in the same geographic location or at the same organization that enroll in the course together, and connect face-to-face with other learners.  (Note: Being part of a site is not required for participation in this course; those who are not part of a group can apply to take the course on their own -- as an independent participant -- when applications open for participants to apply. 

Site registration is a two-part process consisting of 1) Site Registration form and 2) Participant Application form. Each site must have a Site Coordinator who submits a Site Registration form alerting us of their interest in hosting the course for a group. The Site Coordinator may also be a participant in the course (but they will need to apply separately as a participant when participant applications for the course open). There is no financial obligation made by submitting an application.

Important notes regarding this course offering:

  • There is a new fee structure being piloted for this 2020 offering - please refer to the course page for additional details and cost information
  • The minimum number to qualify as a site group is 5 paid participants.
  • Participants should be able to attend at least 3 out 4 site meetings.
    (In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we urge you to follow your local health guidelines about the safety of in person gatherings for groups of your size, and we encourage you to practice an abundance of caution by hosting site meetings remotely.)

In order to apply to the course as a site coordinator, please:

Important Steps and Dates for Applying as a Site

Complete Site Registration Form

By completing the site application, you have indicated your interest in hosting the course at your organization or institution. There is no financial obligation made by submitting this registration form.

Opens 16 Jun 2020

Closes 15 Jul 2020
Notification of site acceptanceOnce your site is accepted to the course, you will receive email confirmation and next steps. Participants at your location must then complete a Participant Application to determine their eligibility to receive a certificate of completion.20 Jul 2020
Request site participants to complete Participant ApplicationWhen the eDGH participant application opens for this course, email the online participant application link to the individuals at your site and encourage them to apply before the deadline.

Opens 21 Jul 2020

Closes 17 Aug 2020

Roster confirmation details sent

After the participant applications close, we will send directions for confirming your site roster, where you'll review the list of those who applied with your site and confirm with eDGH who is (and who isn't) moving forward with your group. Sent by week of 23 to 29 Aug 2020
Confirmed Rosters Due 

eDGH will send directions for confirming your site roster, where you'll review the list of those who applied with your site and confirm with eDGH who is (and who isn't) moving forward with your group. 14 Sep 2020
Site Invoice / Directions SentPlease note: Because a new fee structure is being piloted for this course, the invoice process and timleline will be different than for other eDGH courses. Directions will be sent by email. Invoices will be sent so that they correspond with when sites are confirming their rosters with eDGH.Week of 14 Sept 2020 (estimate)
Payment DuePayment accepted through credit card or wire transfer.

requested by 22 Sept 2020

due by 2 Oct 2020 (estimate)

Site Coordinator orientation webinar
Site Coordinators and Facilitators are encouraged to attend this online orientation webinar prior to the course start. The webinar will cover responsibilities, course expectations, and briefly introduce the course/course website. We encourage you to host a meeting with your site group so your group can participate in the orientation together. The webinar will also be recorded for those unable to attend

17 Sep 2020

Begins 7 a.m. Pacific Time
Course begins/endsEnrollment in the course occurs shortly before the course start date. Participants will not be enrolled into the course until payment is received.
Begins 28 Sep 2020

Ends 13 Dec 2020