eDGH Certified Partner Program

eDGH is proud to offer a unique experience for the participants of our online courses by using a blended learning model. Our site model succeeds in large part due to the efforts of local site coordinators.

Site Coordinators motivate, encourage, and support participants while enabling groups to gather and learn from each other, synthesizing the materials within their local context. eDGH truly values the volunteers that have stepped up into this role.

Expanding this collaboration, eDGH seeks to engage in a successful, productive partnership with site coordinators to help celebrate the uniqueness of their site while also helping to ensure a common participant experience across site groups. To accomplish this, eDGH is now offering a track for experienced site coordinators to become Certified Partners.

Please email edgh@uw.edu to inquire about joining a future offering of this training!

What is an eDGH Certified Partner?

Experienced site coordinators will be able to connect with eDGH in a special training and collaboration process to become a Certified Partner. As you move forward in this process, we will work together to make sure that eDGH policies are clear and help you create a more formal site plan.

With a better understanding of how your site functions, eDGH will be able to improve our systems to augment our support of your work. Certified partners will continue to host site groups as normal but with more support, guidance and flexibility from eDGH where possible. Because we value your time, commitment to our program and the potential for an even better user experience for your participants, we are excited to offer certified partners a variety of benefits.

What is the difference between a Site Coordinator and a Certified Partner?

All Certified Partners are site coordinators that have taken extra steps to become certified by eDGH. We do not require site coordinators to become Certified Partners, and we continue to value the work and efforts of all site coordinators that register to host our courses.

Interested in learning more?

Find out more about the path to becoming an eDGH Certified Partner here, including the following: 

  • Requirements to Become a Certified Partner
  • Process to Become a Certified Partner
  • Benefits Provided to Certified Partners