Register a Site

Are you interested in helping others apply what they are learning in their workplace and community? Can you encourage people to learn from each other while motivating them to complete an online course? If so, consider becoming a site coordinator and registering to host a site with eDGH!

What is a site?

A site is a group of participants who enroll in a course to learn together in a collaborative environment. Sites are composed of participants within an organization or local geographical area who can meet regularly throughout the course (at least four times, or weekly if possible).

Sites offer opportunities for:

  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Networking
  • Keeping participants motivated so they finish the course
  • A potential reduction in course fees

Sites typically offer additional technical support or opportunities for participants to access the course materials if they have trouble doing so on their own. Sites are coordinated by volunteer site coordinators who register the group and manage participation at the site during the course. Many sites are also assisted by a facilitator(s), who guides discussion throughout the course and may serve as a content expert or otherwise support the site in a leadership role. 

What does a site coordinator do?

Read about what’s involved in being an eDGH site coordinator, including an overview of the primary responsibilities.

How do I register a site?

Site registration for each of our courses opens 3 to 4 months before the course starts. You can find a listing of our site registration dates here. When site registration opens for the course you’d like to apply for, you can submit your application to host a site.

Interested in learning more?

Visit this site-related FAQ, which provides more information about setting up and coordinating a site.

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