LMS Transition FAQ

Why did eDGH change the learning management system (LMS) it used for its courses?

Through the professional development courses we offer, eDGH is committed to providing a high-quality online course experience for our participants across the globe. We have historically offered our courses in an LMS called Canvas. So that eDGH can continue to deliver exceptional courses at a low cost while remaining operationally sound, we have transitioned to a different LMS called Moodle. This new LMS has a wider range of features and will enable us to offer a number of course enhancements, such as an improved login process, in the future.

When did the LMS change take place?
The LMS change from Canvas to Moodle began with our June/July to September 2023 courses.

What information will be shared with course participants, and when?
When they apply, applicants will see a notice that our courses will be in the Moodle LMS. More information about Moodle is available in this FAQ, in the orientation webinar held before the course, and in the login instructions sent to participants shortly before the course begins. Additional support tutorals and articles are linked in the question below. 

Where can participants find eDGH resources about how to access and navigate Moodle?  
Participants receive access to the course they're taking shortly before the course begins, and they'll receive login details by email at that time. In the meantime, eDGH has a variety of helpful support videos and articles available for review that can be accessed at any time. They include information on how to access and navigate the course, reset one's password, view grades, submit quizzes and assignments, participate in course discussions, get additional support, and more.

How will the LMS change impact participants?
eDGH will provide the same high-level course experience via this new platform, so we hope there will be minimal impact to participants as this change occurs. Those who have taken courses with eDGH and have used only Canvas in the past will need to become familiar with a different course website and login process. However, we will provide resources and directions before the course begins, and eDGH staff will be available to answer questions at edgh@uw.edu.

Does Moodle have a mobile app that participants will be able to use to take the online courses?
Yes, there is a mobile app available through Moodle that participants can use to access course materials and complete the course.

Will participants be able to access their prior courses in Canvas?
The way that participants access their prior courses in Canvas is not changing. All eDGH courses currently have specific start and end dates, where courses and course materials may only be accessed during the period that someone is enrolled. Those who are in the midst of a course that started in the Canvas LMS will be able to complete their course within that platform. A few weeks after the course concludes, their access to that course will end.

Will prior courses taken in Canvas be transferred into the new LMS?
No, a listing of someone’s prior course enrollments will not be transferred from Canvas into the new Moodle LMS. If documentation of a prior course is needed, participants are encouraged to refer to their certificate of completion, a copy of the grades they downloaded from when they took the course, and/or a copy of the course syllabus. Enrollment records are also maintained by eDGH.

Does eDGH have prior experience using the Moodle LMS?
Yes, eDGH has experience designing and delivering courses in Moodle, which is one of the most commonly used open source LMSs around the world.

What browsers does Moodle support?
Moodle is compatible with any standards compliant web browser, and is regularly tested for compatability with the following:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
(Note: Moodle 4.0 does NOT support Internet Explorer 11. Safari 7 and below has known compatibility issues with Moodle 4.0.)

MobileSafari, Google Chrome

For the best experience and optimum security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.