Site-Based Participants

There are two ways to enroll in our Professional Development courses, Site-Based (with a group you’re part of) or Independently (on your own)

Primarily, applicants enroll as a “Site-Based Participant” where they join with their colleagues at a reduced enrollment cost and experience the course together as a group. As a Site Based Participant you will earn your own certificate upon successful completion of the course and this enrollment method offers several key benefits. 

Another option is to enroll as an Independent participant where you participate on your own and would not have additional requirements to meet with a group. 

Our Courses

Our Professional Development courses are typically 10-12 weeks long with an official start and end date. Some courses are offered twice a year while others are available annually. Registration happens a few months before the start of each course. You will need to submit an application for each course you wish to take. Learn more here about each course we offer

When enrolled, we will give you access to our course website where you will be able to see new materials each week. The course is asynchronous so you can review those materials on your own schedule and at your convenience. There will be due dates for activities, but lectures and readings can be viewed anytime.

Applications and Joining a Site

We use a “site-based model” for the course, where groups are enrolled together. This model intends for participants to connect face-to-face with their colleagues and discuss how the content applies to their local settings (during this time of a global pandemic, we strongly urge groups to follow local health guidelines and utilize remote options for meeting together). Many participants have reported their learning is enhanced and supported through this site-based model. Our evaluation feedback shows that respondents report developing important and lasting peer and professional relationships. These meetings serve as a networking opportunity and some sites have created alumni networks following graduation.

Participant applications typically take place about 2 months before the course starts. In order to submit an application, you will first need to create a user account.  Then you can begin the application. You will have the option to select the course and then your site group. If you are not affiliated with an established site, you could consider hosting one in the future or enrolling as an independent participant.

Your Site Coordinator

The role of the Site Coordinator can look very different from site to site. Some groups are fully operated and managed by one person while other groups delegate rolls and share tasks. However, each site will have only one main Site Coordinator who is the main person responsible for the group. You can learn more about the responsibilities of the site coordinator here.

Site Meetings

A site meeting is an opportunity for the group to gather together (in person or virtually) to discuss the course materials, network and support each other. The purpose of these meetings is to increase your engagement with the course, provide networking and a connection between the course materials and your local setting. 

Site meetings are a requirement to earn a certificate

--Sites are asked to hold regular meetings (at least 4) throughout the course.
--Site participants need to attend 3 of 4 meetings.
--If a site hosts more than 4 meetings, participants are encouraged to attend as many as possible and follow the guidelines of their site coordinator.

Participating in the site meetings is truly what helps bridge the gap of online learning and it is the hallmark of our site model.


  • You will need to be able to commit 6-9 hours per week to coursework during the duration of the course. 
  • You must be able to participate in the site meetings throughout the course.
  • You also need to have reliable access to a computer or device that has reliable internet
  • See the technical requirements here.
  • Each course may have its own recommendations for eligibility. Please make sure to review the course page (link) prior to submitting an application. 

What You will Pay

The Site Coordinator will manage the enrollment fee for the site group. Typically the fee is $1200 or $1750 for a group of 5-50 people. Typically, this fee is divided by the group participants or sometimes covered by an organization or employer. To learn more about the fees associated with the course you wish to take, please view the course page.

Your Site Coordinator is responsible for collecting the fees from each participant (or organizing the fee with the organization) and submitting the total fee for your site’s enrollment prior to the start of the course. Therefore, we encourage you to be in contact with the coordinator to gather clear details about the fee you may be expected to contribute.

Example, a group of 35 people in a course that costs $1750 would each pay $50 USD.

In addition to the fee itself, a site coordinator may add a small administrative fee to cover the cost of sending the funds or other expenses related to hosting the site. An invoice/fee explanation should be provided to you by the site coordinator so that you are clear as to what you are paying for.

Please be timely in contributing your fees so that your site group is not delayed in accessing the course.

Policies of Note

  • Refunds: Your site is required to have a refund policy. However, once the site coordinator has submitted the site fee to the University of Washington, it is typically not possible to issue a refund. If your site cancels their enrollment prior to submitting payment to us, a full refund is due to you from the site coordinator. Please make sure you know your site’s policies.
  • If you need to drop the course, please inform your site coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Site Meeting Attendance: In the section above re: “Site Meetings” you will see that you will need to participate actively with your site group in order to earn a certificate.


We are pleased to offer a Certificate of Completion with the seal of the University of Washington. You can learn more about the certificate we offer here

  • To earn a Certificate of Completion for any of our courses, you will need to achieve a score of 70% or higher and attend and meet the site meeting and participation requirements at your site.
  • Certificates will be shipped to the site coordinator about 3 months after the course ends. Then, your site coordinator will work to get the certificate to you. Please connect with your site to learn what the process for getting your certificate will look like.

Benefits of applying as a Site Based Participant:

  • Site groups are intended to help bridge the learning gap that is sometimes associated with online learning. As part of a group, you will be motivated to engage with the course alongside of your colleagues.
  • The site-model offers the potential for networking and professional collaboration with your peers
  • In a site group, you will be able to discuss the course materials as they relate to your local settings and experiences, which enhances learning of course concepts.
  • The fees are typically more economical than applying to take the course as an independent participant because the cost is shared.


More information

Learn More About Independent Participation:

Not part of a registered site group? Or is your site not participating in a course you wish to take?

You are welcome to apply for our courses as an Independent Participant. This means that you will be working on your own time to complete the course materials. There are not site meetings, but you can engage with other participants through the discussion forums. Learn more about Independent Participation here

When completing the application form, please select Independent Participant. From there, you will be able to complete the form, including the selection of your choice of enrollment certificate delivery.

Do you wish to create your own site group?

If you are not associated with an existing site in your country, you can create a new group. Learn more here