Introduction to Epidemiology for Global Health

Course dates:
Jan 14, 2019 to Mar 31, 2019


Course hours:
10 weeks, 6-9 hours per week
  • Work assessed by content expert
  • Interact with instructor and students
  • Fee-based


Are you interested in understanding distribution of disease and what factors affect risk of disease? This course gives an in-depth orientation to the field of epidemiology research in a global health context. You’ll get an understanding of how epidemiologic methods are used to understand the distribution of disease within populations and what factors affect the risk of disease. Learn about important epidemiologic concepts, including how to describe disease risk, common study designs, bias and confounding, and the importance of appropriate measurement in epidemiologic research. 


This online course has video lectures, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, and three assignments.

You can participate in this course as an independent participant or as part of a local site.

The course is taught in English. Participants should be comfortable with written and spoken English.


To be admitted to the course you must have a Bachelor’s-level degree (or equivalent) and experience in a health-related field. Proficiency in algebra is required.


Low and Middle Income Countries

Print Certificate*Digital Certificate*
Group Sites (maximum 25 participants)$1500$1500
High Income Countries (OECD)  
Group Sites (maximum 25 participants)$2999$2999

* More information about course certificates

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