Wellbeing for Health Professionals


Wellbeing for Health Professionals is a course designed to help those who are experiencing challenges related to their wellbeing and sustainability in their work. The course introduces the concept of wellbeing, clarifies its importance, and details how it intersects with one’s work. It also presents a refined, practical methodology for advancing wellbeing in individuals. 

At the core of the program is the Wellbeing Practice—a methodology that increases one’s wellbeing and grounds them more deeply in the work that they do. This approach was developed in collaboration with Perennial, a community-based leadership non-profit organization in Seattle. University of Washington faculty, Britt Yamamoto, PhD, and Izumi Yamamoto, MA are course instructors and co-founders. 

The course is intended as a practical intervention to expand professionals’ capacities for being present, to increase their wellbeing, and to reverse the alarming negative patterns of disillusionment and burnout that are experienced by workers in the healthcare sector. Participants will learn new perspectives, skills, and tools, including how their physical and emotional states are influenced by external stimuli. They will acquire a new language for understanding patterns of behavior. All participants will complete the course  with a Wellbeing Practice that is designed uniquely for them and their circumstances. 

Please note: As the pilot offering of the course (first offering), enrollment is limited.


This online course has videos, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, and wellbeing assignments. 

You can participate in this course as an independent participant or as part of a site with 5 or more people. Participating as a site group provides a forum for discussing course concepts and applying them to local context and customs. If you are participating independently, the online discussion boards provide a forum for these types of discussion. 

The course is taught in English. Participants should be comfortable with written and spoken English.


The course is intended for health care professionals and public health specialists, but is also open to other professions, particularly those who are interested in building knowledge and skills to help increase their wellbeing and prevent burnout in the workplace. The course is well suited to individuals in any position at any level in the workforce.

Enrollment Fees

You can enroll in this course as part of a registered site group or you can apply as an independent participant

If part of a site group, your site coordinator will manage your group's enrollment fee. You may be asked to contribute towards this site fee. 

If an independent participant, you will be invoiced based on details and preferences you note in your application. OECD/LMIC rates are based on your current location.  Invoices are sent soon after the application period is over.

Site Group Enrollment Shipped Certificate (to site coordinator)
OECD Site Groups5-15 people: $199 USD per person; 16-40 people: $3000 USD 
LMIC Site Groups 5-40 people: $1500 USD 

For site groups made up of participants from a high-income country (OECD), the fee is determined by how many people are in your group.  For groups of 16-40 people, the fee is $3000 USD.  However, for smaller groups (OECD), we offer a discounted rate of $199 USD per person.

For site groups made up of participants from a low-middle income country (LMIC) we further discount the site rate down to $1500 USD for groups of at least 5 people (with a cap of 40 people for this course).

For site groups that may have a mix of both LMIC and OECD participants, the fee is based on the LMIC rate (of $1500 USD) plus $199 USD per OECD participant.  However, if it is more economical, a flat rate of $3000 USD is also an option.  Please inquire with us if you have questions about the fees at your site.

Independent ParticipantsEmailed Certificate (PDF)Shipped Certificate 
Independent (OECD)$299$399
Independent (LMIC)$199$299

* More information about course certificates

Payment is accepted via Flywire, a program that allows you to pay in your own currency or via wire transfer, Visa, or Mastercard credit cards. You will receive instructions to submit payment once you have been accepted into the course. 

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