Information on Certificates

The UW Dept of Global Health E-Learning Program (eDGH) provides a high quality certificate of completion on vellum bearing the University of Washington Seal.  Participants in our professional development courses will receive a certificate of course completion, by satisfying the course requirements which may include:

  • Attending a specific percentage of the on-site group meetings (this does not apply to Independent Participants- those not participating as part of a site)
  • Completing at certain number of assignments (quizzes, homework, projects)
  • Posting to a certain number of discussion posts.

International participants should note that the certificate does not count as formal academic credit from the University of Washington.

Certificates will be mailed to participants or site coordinators (for site-based participants) after the course is complete and University of Washington course coordinator and faculty have confirmed that participants have met the course requirements. Often this is about 4-6 weeks after the course closes.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Participants in eDGH courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The total amount of CEU credit varies by course and is shown on the course information page and will be printed on the certificate earned by participants who successfully complete the course. The credits indicate the total amount of contact hours needed to complete the course, including watching course videos and lectures and performing additional instructional activities including quizzes, discussion forums, and other assignments. Credits are awarded based on a calculation of 0.1 CEUs per instructional contact hour.

These credits are separate from the University of Washington Academic credit but the courses represent an official educational activity of the University and information about the University accreditation can be found at

Please note these CEU's may not automatically recognized by certain professional bodies, however, it is possible to submit for review by professional bodies. You may request a letter of participation/confirmation of CEU or the syllabus from any course by contacting This request may take 48 hours to two weeks to complete.

What have previous participants said about our courses?

"I have found that since I started this course I have a different outlook that has made me a better team player who depends on collaboration with the stakeholders to get the jobs done." —Leadership and Management in Health course participant from Trinidad and Tobago
“This course served as window to appreciate other cultures and to see that situations were almost similar across cultures. Being a global village, it was quite refreshing to know that one is not an island in one’s experience.”     —Leadership and Management in Health course participant from Namibia
"It was a whole new world of experience for me, and most things I didn't understand I would read up on comments from other group members and this helped me understand and apply it." —Fundamentals of Implementation Science course participant
have acquired great skills which will help me to be much more relevant in my career and professional development. Thanks to the instructors and tutors and general technical support staff." —Fundamentals of Implementation Science course participant
"It was a great opportunity, in my work place as soon as my group got theircertificates we felt honoured. My knowledge about research has increased." —Fundamentals of Implementation Science course participant
"The depth of content was useful and delivered in a highly professional and experienced manner." —Principles of STD/HIV Research course participant
"My thanks to the lecturers and people making this online course possible - especially for people like us who are located in resource-limited countries, now we can acquire knowledge cheaply and efficiently." —Principles of STD/HIV Research course participant
"Thanks for the great opportunity to undergo this training.  This was a great chance to improve my skills and test my ability.  I am a better clinician than yesterday!"  —Clinical Management of HIV course participant (Program Officer from Kisumu, Kenya)
“The class helped me to understand the epidemiology concepts I was seeing in the journal articles... Now I can easily understand and do a good epidemiology study.” —Introduction to Epidemiology for Global Health participant
"It was a wonderful experience. I have always had some difficulty in understanding statistics so I decided to take this course to help me better understand and it sure allowed me to achieve my goal. The course format with the use of audio and reading material made for greater conceptualization for me." —Introduction to Epidemiology for Global Health participant
“The Professor was so clear and good in teaching concepts of economic novices like me. It was a fantastic learning experience. The Professor's style of writing on the slides while talking gives one an almost real classroom experience!” —Economic Evaluation in Global Health participant
“…This will go a long way to improve my performance in my work place as I serve the community.” —Economic Evaluation in Global Health participant
“The course was superbly organized, and it improved my knowledge as far as general health economics is concerned.” —Economic Evaluation in Global Health participant
“I immensely benefitted from this course. It enhanced my skills added value to the quality of my professional work.” —Economic Evaluation in Global Health participant
“The course was excellent and came at a time that I need it. In the field, I keep using the theories I have learnt especially cost analysis, dissemination and social marketing. The course found at dissemination and closeout of a project yet designing a new project.” —Economic Evaluation in Global Health participant