Advanced Track: Fundamentals of Global Health Research


Testimonials from Past Course Participants

“Through the advanced track, I acquired a deep understanding of cutting-edge research methodologies, data analysis techniques, and critical thinking that is essential  grant writing subsequently addressing complex global health challenges. These skills will enable me to write grants that are more rigorous and impactful research, resulting in a greater ability to contribute to the development of evidence-based solutions. I can confidently say that the advanced track program has elevated my capabilities in the field, giving me a competitive edge and a deeper commitment to addressing global health disparities. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to make a meaningful difference in the world of public health.”                                                                

-Participant from Kenya


We currently offer Fundamentals of Global Health Research: Planning, Implementation, and Dissemination* as part of our general track of professional development courses and are now offering a new opportunity called the Advanced Track.

The Advanced Track offers individualized guidance for a small cohort of participants who are ready to begin writing a research proposal or conducting their own research project, and would benefit from one-on-one mentorship to develop and advance research ideas.  Throughout the course, participants will work individually, and in groups, to draft parts of their own research proposals and plan how they will conduct their research project. A renowned faculty researcher at the University of Washington will provide tailored, specific feedback to individuals on these assignments, creating an opportunity for advanced track participants to hone their ideas and improve their research proposals.

The Advanced Track was created to provide participants anticipating a research-oriented career with the tools they need to develop and design a research study, write a successful proposal, and conduct research independently in an international setting.

* This course was originally titled "Conducting Research Responsibly."

Benefits of the Advanced Track

With the advanced track, successful participants will leave the course with not only tools but the skills to develop their research ideas and successfully apply for a grant in the future.

This advanced track provides many benefits:

  • Customized feedback and guidance on assignments related to developing and designing a research study, writing a successful proposal, and conducting research independently on a topic of your choice in a global health setting.
  • New skills and tools to develop your research ideas and successfully apply for a grant in the future.⁑
  • Opportunities to meet with the instructor and other participants 6 times throughout the course to provide support and facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Online meetings include a final presentation of the research project proposal.
  • An additional certificate of completion and 2 additional CEUs.

We cannot guarantee that all participants in the advanced track will leave the course with a submission-ready grant proposal or be 100% ready to lead a research project; however, the more work you put into the assignments and integrate instructor and mentor feedback, the more successful you will be.

Informational Session

There will be an online meeting on the 29th of November at 7am-8am PT  to learn more about this track and how to apply before the application opens. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the faculty and program administrators. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more.


This online course has video lectures, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, and assignments that you will complete in addition to the advanced track course requirements.

You can participate in this course as an independent participant or as part of a site group. If you are participating as part of a site, you will still need to meet your site's requirements in addition to the advanced track requirements.

For the advanced track, you will be placed in a group with 2-3 other participants who may or may not be from your site if you are participating as a site group. You are required to attend 6 live meetings (4 with the instructor and 2 with the Student Support Specialist) and integrate instructor feedback from these sessions into your assignments. The course is taught in English. Participants should be comfortable with written and spoken English.


To be eligible to participate in the advanced track, applicants must enroll and participate in the course itself as a site participant or independent participant.

Additionally, you must have experience in research or writing. For example, having been an author on a paper or actively engaged in research or having presented at a conference. Ideal candidates have at least a year of participation and activity in research and writing. Examples include a study coordinator, data manager, research personnel, or public health program experience.

Note that you need a mentor and will not be accepted without a letter of support from your mentor in the application.

Application Requirements

Advanced track participants will need to submit 2 applications:

  1. Course application as either a site participant or independent participant
  2. Advanced track application

To apply to the advanced track, participants will need to submit:

  • Information about your background and experience:
  • Information about your experience working on research projects including writing and publishing.
  • Your role on these endeavors and length of time.
  • Information about your research idea and goals
  • Have a brief description of your research idea, including 2-3 research questions and the gap or need for research in this area
  • Explanation of why you want to enroll in the advanced track.
  • Proof of support you will have during this course
  • Name and email of a mentor who works in their topic area and is willing to work with you during this course
  • 1-2 letters of support and recommendation (one must be from your mentor)

Enrollment Fees

You can enroll in the advanced track as part of a registered site group or you can apply as an independent participant. In order to enroll in the Advanced Track you MUST be enrolled in the course.

Site Group EnrollmentShipped Certificate (to site coordinator)
OECD Site Participant$800 USD per person plus course enrollment fee (portion of the site fee)†
LMIC Site Participant$800 USD per person plus course enrollment fee (portion of the site fee)†

† some sites cover this fee

Please see the course page for details on site fees. These may be collected by your site coordinator, then paid to eDGH, however, advanced track fees are to be paid directly to eDGH.


  • LMIC site participant pays $55 towards their site course enrollment fee to their site coordinator + $800 for the advanced track to eDGH = total $855 for enrollment.
  • OECD site participant pays $350 towards their site course enrollment fee to their site coordinator + $800 for the advanced track to eDGH = total $1150 for enrollment.

If you are an independent participant, you will be invoiced based on details and preferences you note in your application. OECD/LMIC rates are based on your current location. Note that your course enrollment fee is included in the advanced track fee, thus you can disregard paying the fees detailed on the course page.

Independent Participants Shipped Certificate‡
Independent (OECD) $1200 (Includes course enrollment fees)
Independent (LMIC) $900 (Includes course enrollment fees)

 More information about course certificates


  • Payment is accepted via Flywire, a program that allows you to pay in your own currency or via wire transfer, Visa, or Mastercard credit cards. You will receive instructions to submit payment once you have been accepted into the course.
  • Once you are accepted, late payments cannot be accepted.
  • All fees include a shipped certificate for the Advanced Track.