Featured Projects

HIV Training, Zimbabwe (I-TECH, CDC)

A suite of tablet-based courses and job aides for frontline health care workers. Topics include PMTCT and HIV testing and services for adolescents and children. Job aids include a mentor learning bank and national clinical guidelines app. 

Leaders in Organizations

Namibia (I-TECH, Namibia MOD)

Tablet-based course including videos, readings, and interactive exercises on leadership and management topics including conflict management, accountability, financial management, and influence without authority. 

Infection & Prevention Control 

Global (Jhpeigo, CDC, WHO)

A comprehensive set of modules on infection prevention and control (IPC) for facility staff based on new guidelines from WHO. IPC ranges from basic hand hygiene to reduce spread of infection to more complex situations such as managing emerging infections such as Ebola.

Bringing Change by Measuring Impact

South Africa (I-TECH, CDC)

An online course for South African health care workers to improve knowledge and skills in managing and using data about patients. Topics include basic math skills, epidemiology, CQI, health information systems, and communicating and disseminating results.

Professional Certificate Program in Laboratory Leadership and Management

Zambia (I-TECH, CDC)

A blended five-course certificate program that focused on training laboratory managers in advanced competencies of leadership and management practice. Topics include detection, surveillance and reporting of infec

tious diseases; quality management; and law and regulation of laboratory practice.

Information & Communication Tools for Health Research

Kenya (TREE, Fogarty International Center)

A four-course training program to teach researchers to become more effective in their investigations by training them in relevant information and communication technology (ICT) knowledge and skills and building the capacity of the University of Nairobi to sustainably support the researchers. Topics include data management, GIS, and research management and communication tools. After taking the course, selected participants would take a week-long workshop. A few participants were chosen to work on mentored projects.

Online Course Localization and Transition

Ukraine (I-TECH, CDC)

In partnership with the Family Medicine Training Center at Bogomolets University, the online Leadership and Management in Health course was translated into Ukrainian and augmented to interviews with local clinical experts. The pilot and subsequent offerings were administered by local staff, using with remote technical assistance. The successful transition is a model of working with partner institutions to develop capacity and offer additional specialization.