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Ghana Juaben Millennium Health Development Scholars seeks to address quality and effective human resources challenge of health systems through training and development of health professionals and related domains, whilst adopting and promoting e-learning methodologies to help bridge the digital divide scope globally. The site has served as a consortium that has benefited numerous professionals in Ghana and globally through its unique programs and partnership with many organizations. The site has been fully operational for decades; for research, training and development programs. Ghana Juaben Millennium Health Development Scholars is one of the established pioneer sites in Ghana hosting University of Washington eDGH courses since the year 2017, for all its courses within eDGH. The site is very unique in its activities and operations; timely and constant learning support for participants, friendly interactions and networking, high level of tolerance and respect for all, motivation of participants on the relevance of the short courses to their career growth and development, links to other external opportunities including funding, scholarships, job opportunities among others are all extra added functions played by the site coordinator and facilitators, and above all the basic IT skills training for participants prior to the start of the courses. The Site meet for site discussion of course content at least 4 times throughout a course duration on convenient schedule basis of participants, usually on weekends in the evening via Zoom. The Alumni network of the site is very active and helpful in nature. They help promote the eDGH courses to friends and colleagues, and share the knowledge and skills gained from taking University of Washington eDGH courses from our site. Interestingly, many of the other site coordinators in Ghana are Alumni of our site: Ghana Juaben Millennium Health Development Scholars. The excellent management, leadership and coordinating skills learnt from Dr.Eric Gyamfi has helped these participants to host their own sites efficiently and successfully with passion and joy. Our site welcomes ayone ll interested in UW eDGH Professional Development short courses delivered through online system of learning.


Dr. Eric Gyamfi is an experienced health professional and a scholar, the brain behind the Ghana Juaben Millennium Health Development Scholars, and site coordinator. For over 18 years, he has worked as a faculty in many institutions in Ghana and collaborates with other institutions abroad. He has a beautiful international experience on current trends in Global Health in the areas of Implementation Research, Global Health Challenges, Healthcare in Complex Emergencies, Infectious and Neglected Tropical Diseases, Geographic Information System (GIS) in health among others. He is a Fellow of Royal Society for Public Health (FRSPH-UK), Member of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (MRSTMH-UK), and has made significant contributions to the field of Global Health. He has a great interest in Global Health research development and training partnerships.

Dr.Eric Gyamfi has been a site coordinator with the University of Washington, Department of Global Health e-learning (eDGH) for several years in Ghana and has succeeded in facilitating the training of thousands of professionals.

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