Elizabeth Kendi Paul

Kenya, Nairobi
Associated Site:
Kenya Medical Research Institute

About my site

Elizabeth Kendi hosts a site for collaborators at the Kenya Medical Research Institute. She has been a site co-ordinator for UW courses for the last 8 years and has been offering 1 – 2 courses per quarter. Her site conducts weekly meetings to discuss the course materials and strategize relevant changes and enhancements within the scope of work environment. If you are interested in participating in eDGH courses with her site, you can contact her for more information. First priority is given to those within the Kenya Medical Research Institute, but there is often space for additional participants who are interested in learning with us!


Elizabeth Kendi is a Kenyan living in Nairobi, Kenya. She has been in the forefront in supporting Research Projects at the Kenya Medical Research Institute. In addition to her administrative training, she has undertaken several courses with the University of Washington including Leadership and Management in Health, Project Management, Principles of Data Management, Monitoring and evaluation and the most recent Global Mental Health.

Ms. Elizabeth has been a key player in organizing local, regional and international conferences, trainings, and symposiums i.e. the Kenya Lung Health Conference, Pan African Thoracic Society course (PATSMECOR), Pan African Thoracic Congress (PATS) and also Dissemination symposiums. Ms. Elizabeth has wealth of experience for 25 years in co-ordination of research Projects.

She has dreams of ongoing expansion and interested in learning about new cultures and their distinctive approaches to health and well-being.

Working with eDGH from 2015 has been an amazing experience and also a wonderful way to energize her team and investigate new ways to grow together.

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