Comrade Olubunmi Lawal-Aiyedun

Nigeria, ABUJA
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About my site

My eDGH site name is MARCH Abuja Nigeria and has been over six years journey with eDGH with the euphoria of building the capacity and confidence of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives with the knowledge and skills required to be great leaders and health advocates, hence my site started with Leadership and Management in Global Health and subsequently we have had difference courses such as Policy and Advocacy in Global Health, Mental Health, e.t.c, that has open our eyes to the burden of health needs and strategies for some possible solutions with a global lens. The position as site coordinator put me an edge ahead as a leader to show my colleagues a Transformational Leadership Approach of leading by knowledge and skill to drive the change we desire. This status thrills me a lot. My site stand out by virtue of our coordination and methods of delivering our courses. We meet a minimum of twice a week for all our courses, we promote peer learning, mentorship, and coaching as a fundamental learning style. Young and Timid Nurses who attended our programs leave the course branded, confident, competent and compassionate. We now have a network of Nurses and other partners professionals who promote, protect and support the health of citizens in the spirit of leaving no one behind. We have colleagues from other countries who have shown interest in our course but for now, we put that opportunity on hold for future consideration by the eDGH Leadership


Comrade Lawal-Aiyedun Olubunmi: RN, RM, PAED NUR. Bsc, FWACN, Msc in View. Comrade Lawal-Aiyedun is the CEO and Founder of Maternal Adolescent Reproductive Child Health (MARCH) Health Care Initiative, with the Head Quarter in Abuja Nigeria. She is a compassionate Paediatric Nurse Leader and a Nurse/Newborn Advocate.