HIV Prevention for MSM in the United States: Why, What, Where, and How?

Date presented: Jan 12, 2017


Men who have sex with men (MSM) remain the only US risk group to experience increases in new HIV diagnoses in recent years. Despite new prevention options, including pre-exposure prophylaxis, in most areas of the US, public health responses have not found the right combination of interventions and intervention coverage to curb new HIV transmissions among MSM. This talk will review the big picture of what kinds of interventions are needed and at what scale they need to be implemented to reduce new HIV transmissions among MSM; present recent data on the particular subgroups of MSM, by geography and race, in which new diagnoses are most concentrated; and discuss emerging mechanisms to provide basic HIV prevention services (e.g., condom distribution, STI testing, HIV testing, PrEP) in ways that are scalable to achieve high coverage of interventions.