Tropical Medicine

GH 561
Course dates:
Mar 30, 2018 to Jun 01, 2018


  • Work assessed by peers
  • UW Credit-bearing course
  • Has prerequisites
  • Interact with instructor and students
  • Requires textbooks or other material

The course consists of lectures covering the major diseases and syndromes occurring in the developing world.  The talks will be given by a number of expert speakers who are medical doctors. Each lecture will be organized and structured in a disease-oriented or syndromic format.  The lectures will emphasize diagnosis and treatment of diseases in resource-limited settings, where modern equipment and advanced laboratory diagnostics are often not available.  Optional reading materials are recommended for each session.  The students are expected to view lectures (by distance learning) and submit a 1000-1500 word paper as a final assignment. This course is offered both in-person and at a distance. It is intended for professional health science students interested in learning about diseases more commonly seen in resource-limited settings, or tropical climates, and how to diagnose, treat, and follow the resolution of these diseases with commonly limited resources.

Photo credit: James GathanyContent Providers(s) CDC.